Uganda’s newest courier service, between Jinja and Kampala

Continental Express’s unprecedented business model touts safety, speed, and affordability.

Have you ever needed to get something as simple as a document or as complicated as a large package moved between Jinja and Kampala? Ever had to leave your precious cargo in the hands of a taxi conductor who may or may not successfully find the intended recipient, while all the while said recipient is hovering in the vicinity of the taxi park in order not to miss him? These are the scenarios from which Continental Express (CONEX), a courier service between Jinja and Kampala, was borne. With the headache that is the ever-worsening traffic these days, this newly launched service could have what it takes to change business as we know it for people from all walks of life in both of these burgeoning cities.

A brand of the Kingdom Alliance Network, CONEX proclaims itself to be a “fast, safe, and affordable way to deliver packages and documents between Kampala and Jinja”–simple as that. Specifically, clientele receive the dream-like services of daily scheduled drop-off and pick-up times, an online portal through which to track your package and access your history, and guaranteed same-day delivery, providing you get them your item before the drop-off deadline. According to CEO Anthony J. Thompson, “CONEX is a one-of-a-kind courier service. We are combining the tools and expertise of the big guys to create an excellent courier that everyone can use.”

With the market for courier services specializing in a Jinja-Kampala route virtually virgin, CONEX is positioned to not only make waves, but also thrive as a company, and therefore expand its offered services—a fate that everyone from entrepreneurs to tourists can’t wait to see materialize. To get started with CONEX, call 0751 XPRESS (977 377) for Jinja or 0752 XPRESS for Kampala, or visit a location—Main Street Plot 4/6 inside the DHL Office in Jinja or the Moonlight Building on Nkrumah Road, 1st floor, Room C-2 in Kampala . They can also be found online via Facebook @weareconex or at